Sissies and Psychopaths (2010) 
Sissies and Psychopaths (2010) is a printmaking project that is a pictorial conversation between by Peter Kingstone and Daryl Vocat about what it meant to be gay when we were children. Each print in this series is 22 x 30 inches and is screen printed on Somerset paper. All images are part of a small editions of less than 10. There are also videos as part of this show. 

After the Gym, There's a Secret Tea Party No One Talks About
Laundry Day in Eternia
You are a Fool if You Think You Can Stop Me
Hollywood, Come and Get Me Hollywood!
Every Time We Played House, I Wanted to be the Pet Monkey
The Nightmare is Me
Young Olympians in Eden
A War for Those Who Hear the Whisper